Low Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher Program

This voucher program was started in 2018.   We do at least one event a month at different locations throughout Chillicothe and locations are announced on our Facebook page. We serve Ross County and any county that touches are county.  Drivers Licenses are required to prove address. There is no income guideline. The cost in $40 per cat (cash only). Cats must be at least four months old and cannot be pregnant. Vouchers must be used within 90 days and can only be used at the vets that participate in our program, which are listed on each voucher.

Vets Currently being used for our voucher program

Northfork Animal Clinic  740 773-7387

Town & Country Animal Clinic   740 774-4838


We also participate in the Rascal Unit.  We host them several times a year.  The Cost is the same the big difference is that kittens can be fixed at 2 lbs.  When we post our events on Facebook, we will announce which vouchers we are selling.