Intakes and Adoptions


Purr…fect Companions has a very small shelter so we can only take a limited amount of cats/kittens at any given time.

Our process works as follows:

You must email your request to [email protected] informing us that you have cats/kittens you want us to assist with.  We will email you back.  We can only take cats & kittens that are friendly – healthy  and adoptable for indoors.  Kittens must weight two pounds before we can take them in.  We cannot take unfriendly cats as all of our cats go to adoption centers.

We charge an intake fee due to the fact that we are required to test any and all cats coming into our shelter.  The intake fee covers part of that cost.

The intake fee for a litter of kittens (same litter)  is $60

The intake fee for a cat is $25          Example:  If you have a momma cat and a litter – the intake fee would be $60 + $25=  $85

We always have plenty of cats trying to get in  so we put you on a waiting list and call you when we have room for that particular age cat.

When you email us please give us your phone number, a listing of the kitties with color, ages, sexes and if they are long hair.


                                                          -Notice:   We do not do bottle babies at this time.


Adoptions – text us at 740 649-6888 regarding adoptions.

All cats are listed on petfinder under a Worthington address if you want to take a look at the kitties.

You must fill out an application for the PetSmart kitties before you can interact with them.  The Chillicothe location is by appt. only.

We place kitties for adoption in three different locations.

All adoptions include:  Spay/Neuter – Rabies – Vaccines – Microchipping – Worming – Flea Treatment – Ear Cleaning & Nail Trimming

  1. Chillicothe Shelter (by appt only)
  2. PetSmart Polaris
  3.  PetSmart Plain City

Kittens up to one year are $70

Adults are $40        Senior cats are $25

Specialty cats such as Siamese – declawed or long hair may have additional fees added to adoption