Our organization was formed in 2007 and the IRS granted our tax exempt status (501 c3) in 2009. We initially went by the name Purr….fect Companions Cat Adoption Center but changed our name in 2018 to Purr….fect Companions Cat Resource Center to better reflect the services that we now offer. We are the only cat solution in our area as our local Humane Society only serves dogs. We receive no local government funding and survive by our fundraisers, community donations and grants.

When we started we had a small shelter and adopted cats/kittens to the public. We typically adopted anywhere from 150-250 cats per year but were struggling to see a reduction in the stray cats in our community. In 2018 we closed our shelter and decided to specialize in low cost spay/neuter vouchers offered to Ross County citizens at $25 per cat and our organization picks up the additional cost at the vet clinic. Purr….fect Companions do not set income guidelines. We want everyone to participate by getting your animals spayed or neutered. We strive to see a reduction in the overpopulation of cats/kittens and are hopeful that with this program we will see those results.

We also entered into an agreement with Petland to supply adoptable kittens/cats for their local stores.

In 2018 we began our Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program. This program is for feral outdoor cats. We identify areas that need assistance, get help with the humane trapping of the cat, have the cat spayed/neutered, ear tipped (which is a national symbol that the cat is not a population threat) and release the cat back to their original location or supply farmers with working cats ensuring the cats are fed and have shelter and can live out their lives.

Our organization is run by a small board and an advisory committee of all volunteers who are eager and interested in doing what is best for the feline population in our area. We are always looking for other folks that want to be part of something great. Contact us if you want to make a difference in a cats life.